quarta-feira, janeiro 25, 2006

O que é isto?

"Waiter: You Vultures!", dos "Portugal.The Man" foi publicado ontem, 24 de Janeiro. "Portugal The Man is an Alaskan band living in Portland. Their soulful indie rock blends influences from the ever seminal sounds of early 70's rock, R&B, and vintage soul with the latest innovations in melodious experimentation (drum machines, programming, sampling). They push the boundaries of contemporary music and the album is filled with social commentary and alliteration. For fans of The Flaming Lips, Blonde Redhead, and Portishead", explica a Amazon.

Na Filter: "What is Portugal. The Man? Portugal is a country, not a man. Can a country consider itself a man? Are you confused yet? To clarify, Portugal. The Man is a band and no, they are not from Portugal; they’re a devastatingly handsome and talented group of guys hailing from the arctic wastelands of Wasilla, Alaska.
Their US tour of random all-ages clubs kicks off today in Tempe, AZ. Their musically and visually stimulating debut record Waiter: You Vultures! will be released by Fearless Records on January 24th."
Já têm datas para a tournée!
Qualquer coisa...
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